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In 1987, Mr. Léon Raymond started his own specialized roofing company. With more than 10 years of experience in the field roofing and construction business, he invested himself rigorously to start his business from the family home, located in Repentigny, Le Gardeur area.

While ensuring his customer satisfaction and the development of his family, he inaugurated his offices near his home, in order to acquire more equipment, machinery and develop a larger territory all across the province of Quebec.

Being a company based on teamwork, efficiency and quality, Toitures Léon has grown every year. To ensure that the requirements are met across the province of Quebec, Alain Ducharme, who was already a Foreman in the company, obtained the position of Project Manager in the early 2000s.

From 2011, having a professional career as a Roofer, Foreman and holding a position of Project Manager alongside of Mr. Raymond, Mr. Ducharme became his partner within Toitures Léon. With several professional achievements in the field of construction, he became the ideal person to support the founder in the performance of his duties, while ensuring the continuity of the business.

With several major projects behind our helmets, we are recognized and specialized in the commercial, institutional and industrial sector for all types of work, regarding roofing. In addition, we would be privileged to continue serving our customers throught the province of Quebec, Ontario and wherever our customers will bring us.

The year 2020 represents a turning point for the company, as Mr. Raymond is ready to retire as President. Mr. Ducharme has bought back a portion of the shares, with two partners already involved in the company, namely Daniel Bourbonnais at execution and Frédéric Bouchard as Senior Estimator.

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Members of the administration

Léon Raymond – Founder

Alain Ducharme – President
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Maryse Robert – Controller
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Véronique Landreville-Spénard – Project Manager, Human Resources Manager
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Daniel Bourbonnais – Partner and Project Manager
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Frédéric Bouchard – Partner and Senior Estimator
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Jean-François Losier – Estimateur
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Department of estimation
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Department of enforcement
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