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Maintaining your roof

Maintaining your roof

Maintaining your roof

The roof is the first barrier against bad weather and requires special attention in order to preserve its main qualities. It is therefore important to inspect it regularly, especially after the snow melt and in the fall. This will reduce the risk of premature deterioration of the membrane and any incident causing significant costs.

Things to look for during the inspection

For safety reasons, call a professional roofer to complete the preventive inspection of the roof. In addition, a specialist will know exactly how to identify signs of failure and what steps to take in order to ensure the durability of the roof.

After cleaning the surface of the membrane, the following will be inspected:

  • Water accumulation check
  • Inspection of the armor that protects the membrane against UV rays, which must be intact. Otherwise, membrane felts may be exposed and begin to crack.
  • Monitor Blistering: A blister on the roof covering is probably the result of trapped moisture. An intervention is necessary to avoid early deterioration.
  • Check for holes, tears and damaged joints on a roof, as well as rust and stitching on a metal roof
  • Inspection of seals

The best solution remains a preventive program with periodic inspections adapted to the specificities of your roof.
Toitures Léon's maintenance plan aims to identify the problems or the points to be improved with a careful inspection carried out by our highly qualified employees. Thereafter, risky areas will be addressed using appropriate methods and technology to extend the life of your roof.

The benefits of a maintenance plan:

  • Diagnosis of the causes of potential problems
  • Recognition of problems at the primary stage - Prevents deterioration
  • Extending the life of your roof
  • Ensure the continuous operation of your operations
  • Reduce your roofing costs - Protect your investment

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